Our Praxis

What do we provide:

– A distinguished way of understanding our patients´ mental health care
– That their needs come first.
– A systematic development of each visit :

· The first consultation lasts a minimum of 90 minutes.
· Subsequent consultations are 60 minutes.

Psychometrics: In the first minutes of each visit, series of tests is performed in the patient, in order to compare their progress with previous visits.

A brief physical examination: assessing tension, pulse, weight and sometimes electrocardiogram (psychotropic medicine is required to measure your safety and prevent side effects )

– Then after evaluating the data Dr. Lozano timely combines the most modern knowledge in psychopharmacology with psychotherapy, within a humanistic framework.

– Post visit follow ups: include frequent contact (daily, weekly or on alternate days) with the patient to adjust the medication; to monitor side effects and to adjust the medication to achieve the objectives of each situation. These contacts can be by phone , email, SMS , Skype, WhatsApp, etc.

– Since 1984 Dr. Lozano understood that the type of patient care (which is what he would like to be given to him or his family), would be difficult to get in Public Medicine. He has not stopped making improvements to his team. Dr. Lozano combines humanism and therapeutic innovations in a context where the patient feels at home, or at a good friend’s house from the moment he or she enters the door . When the patient leaves it’s always a ‘see you later’, never goodbye. This continuous connection results happens through other visits, phone calls, emails, WhatsApp , SMS, Skype, etc. Dr. Lozano is aware that every month he has to improve the care given to his patients from the previous month. And this will never end until “death do us part”.

Some considerations:

  • When asked about my retirement, I usually say that if God allows, I shall die wearing my white coat.


  • I think my practice is the result of a mixture of humanism, art and science. There are features that we carry in our genes, temperament, that influence us. Others are the result of the environment around us, or our character, which started from the womb of our mother (from the mother’s own beating heart).Subsequently the different experiences that mark the life, from which one is born, are imprints that mark our personality. Life and its teaching, not to mention the school of suffering, is what polishes us, making us grow stronger and enabling us to put ourselves in someone else’s skin.
  • Then the desire to learn, which is ageless and is constant, often becomes a good oven, where knowledge, experiences, emotions fuse and are forged by the therapist. The therapist being better or worse, from birth, grows every day until the end of his life”
  • One of my maxims in life – “A job which is well done dignifies us and transcends us”.


  • School which I belong to :  I do not belong to any therapeutic school, I’m eclectic. I do not belong to only one therapeutic school, I am trained in systemic family therapy, and for each patient I use what suits his or her needs best. I apply the most suitable therapy for each person, depending on their lives and the stages which they are in.
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